Did you know you don't have to join the teacher's union?

Explore your options.
Exercise your freedom to choose. 

Don't let union leaders pressure you into paying hundreds of dollars a year.

 Between July 1 and 15, Nevada education professionals can opt out of union membership! This two-week window of opportunity gives teachers the chance to save up to $850 per year.

It’s summer. Most teachers are on vacation, visiting with family, or taking some well deserved time offand school-related activities are not exactly the first thing on their minds. Union leaders would happily like them to forget that union membership is a choice!

You can opt out of membership July 1st-15th each year! Don’t miss your opportunity to exercise your freedom to choose this year.

You Can Opt Out In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download

Download the pre-written opt-out letter corresponding to your county.

Step 2: Add Your Info

Update the letter with your name, social security number and address.

Step 3: Mail

Print and mail the letter to the mailing address listed.