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Between July 1 and 15, Nevada education professionals can opt out of union membership!

This two-week window of opportunity gives teachers the chance to save hundreds a year.

It's summer. Most teachers are on vacation, visiting with family, or taking some well deserved time offand school-related activities are not exactly the first thing on their minds. Union leaders would happily like them to forget that union membership is a choice!

Don't let union leaders pressure you into paying hundreds of dollars a year. You can opt out of membership July 1st-15th each year!


How does the Janus Decision affect opt-out in Nevada?


It has been a full year since the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling stating that non-union members cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions, finally ensuring every public sector employee has the same rights Nevadans have enjoyed for years: The right to decide for yourself if you want to support a union.

Because of Janus vs AFSCME Council 31, for the first-time non-union members were no longer forced to pay “agency fees” to a union as a condition of employment, and unions aren’t allowed to require financial support from workers who don’t feel adequately represented.

However, even more significant, was the court’s opinion that no worker should be coerced into supporting their union—even going so far as to say a union must first obtain “affirmative consent” from workers before demanding dues.

Because Nevada is a Right-to-work state, Nevadans have long been exercising their right to opt out of unions that don’t represent their interests. Each year more and more teachers, support staff and administrators are choosing to leave their respective unions in Nevada. The union participation rates are dropping. In fact, membership rates in some districts are as low as 20 percent.

However, in Nevada, the “Opt-Out” period is a narrow two-week window in the middle of summer. A time when most education professionals are thinking of anything but their workplace arrangements, such as union membership. Nonetheless, written in every bargaining agreement for Nevada education professionals is the stipulation that “opting out” can only be from July 1st-15th.

Because the Janus decision made it clear that workers are never required to financially support an organization if they don’t want to, it’s more important than ever that workers exercise their right to free association.

For those who want to do so, opting-out of union membership is easy, just three simple steps! And educators will not lose any of the benefits they have earned over the years, such as retirement benefits, tenure or health insurance.

Most importantly, if you experience any pushback from the unions, or if you’re told you must continue to pay dues for any reason, please contact us! Such denial of a worker’s right — thanks to Janus — could very well be against the law.

As the court affirmed, no one should be forced to financially support an organization they don’t want!

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